DiscoverThe #SpeakEasy PodcastUnleash Your Peak Potential After Tragedy with Lindsey Vertner
Unleash Your Peak Potential After Tragedy with Lindsey Vertner

Unleash Your Peak Potential After Tragedy with Lindsey Vertner

Update: 2020-10-22


Peak performance is a term we often hear in refernece to sports but it is a term that can be applied to life and business. It is when we execute at our highest level. Bpundaries need to be tested and stretched in order for us to reach our peak performance. Also, our peak performance can and will change as we grow and come in contact with life's circumstances. This is why this episode is such a powerful one. After being considered brain dead and paralyzed by a car accident, Lindsey started at square one in order to reach her pek performance.

"Master your mindset and balance your life through self care, self worth and self discipline"

Peak Performance begins when you cn be honest about where you are and where you want to go. For Lindsey that meant learning to walk and talk again after waking up a week after her accident. This is not the moment when many would be focused on peak performance. This would normally be the moment when people focus on just survival.

Survival is necessary but thriving is where peak performance sets in. It is a daily fight to achieve our greatest life...our greatest business...our greatest relationship.

Lindsey's nuggets:
~ God has a greater plan
~ There won't always be someone to blame when things happen in your life
~ You always have a choice
~ Make a commitment to the choice that you make
~ You can'[t focus on the negative and positive at the same time
~ The thought may be immediate but the process takes time

When you make the decision to fight for something greater you are testing your current boundaries. It may be a physical boundary or a mental boundary. Either way, you will be pushing against opinions, facts, and emotion driven thoughts. You are not alone in that. You may even have people who are close to you saying things that they believe is the best option for you.

Reaching your peak performance will test those close to you just as much as it will test you. In this moment you may need to strengthen boundaries and value the word "no". Oh, and yes, sometimes you will even need to say "no" to yourself. Self discipline is valuable.

Meet Lindsey:

A 2007 wreck left Lindsey Vertner brain dead and paralyzed. She turned her pain into purpose by teaching others how to overcome their obstacles and create a “first-class life” full of purpose and genuine happiness! As a coach, speaker, and author, Lindsey teaches ambitious leaders how to balance their lives by putting themselves first without guilt. As co-founder of The Unleashed Woman, she organizes women's empowerment and networking events. Connect with her at

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Unleash Your Peak Potential After Tragedy with Lindsey Vertner

Unleash Your Peak Potential After Tragedy with Lindsey Vertner

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