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Unlock Your Creative Self – Core Creativity

Unlock Your Creative Self – Core Creativity

Update: 2023-03-08


Unlock Your Creativity

One of the most desirable qualities in today's business world is creativity. Unfortunately in today's world for a variety of reasons creativity is not as common as we would like to believe. What about getting to the heart or should I say "core" of creativity? Is there a way we can tap into that reservoir of creativity that we all have, but we just don't know how to get there?

Well in this episode of A New Direction Dr. Ronald Alexander helps you and I tap into our creativity lies deep within us that we have a difficulty tapping into. Let's be honest creativity is what great success, invention and innovation is built on, and who doesn't want some of that? Join us right here and get your creativity juices flowing!

In this episode Dr. Alexander deals with the myths of creativity. More than likely you have heard of the many myths of creativity.  Like the creative person who looks like they are doing nothing and are hence lazy.  Dr. Alexander helps us understand that the naysayers are completely mistaken.

Maybe you have heard of the myth that creatives are depressed or mentally unstable.

What about the myth that our creativity reduces with age.  Well nothing could be further from the truth.

Dr. Alexander's book Core Creativity: The Mindful Way to Unlock Your Creative Self is an insightful read that helps us understand that we all have creativity.  How we tap into it is what holds us back.  So much of our lack of creativity starts with our mindsets, such as Growth vs. Fixed, Open vs. Closed, and Promotion vs. prevention.  Core Creativity also digs into how our loss and trauma can create blocks in our creativity that can cause us to not be as creative as we could be.

One of the most interesting ideas that Dr. Alexander shares with us, it the idea that if we want to be more creative that we need to slow down.  We need to move on from our past, say good-bye to loss, and hello to opportunities that are in front of us.  Always keeping in mind that we need to focus on the solutions...not the problem.

Finally Dr. Alexander analyzes the habits of highly creative individuals.  Starting with reframing the way we look at mistakes.  Because in reality they are really not mistakes, but as the movie industry describes that are "missed takes" and we get to have a "do over".  He also looks at the role perseverance and patience plays in our creativity.  A powerful book and a powerful show!

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Unlock Your Creative Self – Core Creativity

Unlock Your Creative Self – Core Creativity

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