DiscoverWho Ya Know ShowUnmuting Yourself w/ Rachel Druckenmiller
Unmuting Yourself w/ Rachel Druckenmiller

Unmuting Yourself w/ Rachel Druckenmiller

Update: 2022-06-09


In this episode, we invite Rachel Druckenmiller. Rachel is on a mission to humanize the workplace by igniting resilience, connection, engagement, and compassion in organizations, leaders, and teams. She has facilitated nearly 300 virtual learning experiences since March 2020 as a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator, and leadership trainer.

What you will learn:

- How did Rachel’s parents help in shaping where she is today
- Rachel’s journey of starting with her career
- Her fear of public speaking and what helped her overcome it
- What is fear for Rachel
- How singing has sparked Rachel’s personality
- Practices that help jobseekers to build their confidence
- Things to do to get your energy back
- Rachel’s work in dietary and culinary
- Is diet a part of the problems

Mic Drop Moments

🎤Rachel at (02:50 ) - The greatest gift they gave me is that I never saw them hate work.

🎤Rachel at (04:05 ) - I was very entrepreneurial and paved my own path by pursuing things that interested me, and made me feel alive and two and a half years ago, I left and did my own thing.

🎤Rachel at (05:38 ) - An invitation is an indication of a qualification.

🎤Rachel at (06:56 ) - The first time I got paid to speak, was 2 years out of college. I was asked to go and speak back at my alma mater which is a small liberal arts school and it was the human resources program. So again, ‘Who You Know.’

🎤Rachel at (09:00 ) - I'm in a position to do something with it to inspire, awaken and activate and give hope to other people.

🎤Rachel at (11:45 ) (singing) - I know Lord will take care of me, will provide for me, lead and guide me all the way, yeah, all the way.

🎤Rachel at (14:32 ) - We minimize the thing that’s our gift.

🎤Rachel at (18:35 ) - Help yourself. Step into what you’re meant to do. That is not selfish. That’s not self-serving.

🎤Rachel at (20:02 ) - Don’t hesitate. Initiate!

🎤Rachel at (23:40 ) - Turn off the fifth episode of whatever. Netflix is not going away. And go to sleep.

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Unmuting Yourself w/ Rachel Druckenmiller

Unmuting Yourself w/ Rachel Druckenmiller

Trevor Houston