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Unpacking Emotions & Body Liberation w/ Jess Demasi

Unpacking Emotions & Body Liberation w/ Jess Demasi

Update: 2020-02-04


When it comes to our journey of body liberation there can be some boundaries, including the processing of emotions. Jess Demasi is a certified eating psychology coach, the founder of Wholly Healed and is passionate about helping people redefine health without diet culture. Today Jess is here to encourage you to give yourself permission to define what it is to be a woman in this life for you and only you.

Create A Radical Sense Of Awareness

This episode is all about unpacking some of the stigmas and privileges that we can all unknowingly carry, and taking a step back without judgment but instead with curiosity to keep asking yourself the hard questions when it comes to your relationship with your body. 

Jess is on a mission to create a radical sense of awareness and help women unapologetically show up as who they are. Today is all about gaining skills to develop your own sense of liberation, whatever that may be for you, and removing judgment towards what you are feeling in a healthy way.  

You are more than just your body, and it is through the separation of your identity and your body that you can deal with what is really going on internally and heal yourself from the inside out. By asking the hard questions and feeling where the healing needs to come from you can learn to care for yourself and become your own autonomous agent. 

Are you ready to start on your path to liberation? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section on the episode page.


In This Episode

  • Learn about the role of desirability privilege and desirability politics in our society (10:10 )
  • Deconstructing body autonomy and being aware of your own motivations (20:12 )
  • How to embrace your journey of liberation as an experience just for you (23:20 ))
  • Tips for living a liberated life and showing up as who you are unapologetically (26:05 )
  • Ways to use the RAIN acronym to process your emotions in a healthy way (28:42 )



“Being thin and pretty as a woman should not be a pre-requisite for the value that we’re given, nor should it be a requirement for our existence.” (5:46 )

“Any time we have what we call the happiness destination paradox, where we imagine that our emotions, our internal world, would be different if our external world was different. That is when you have that chasm, and you are taking internal issues that should be worked on internally and you are projecting them onto your external appearance.” (15:07 )

“I am here to ask the questions to get you thinking, and then what you do with that is completely your responsibility.” (21:01 )

“All that I can ask for is a radical sense of awareness.” (22:23 )

“I don’t think that the world benefits from women who are living to please other people. I think that actually what we desperately need, for kindness and compassion and to solve the world’s problems, in our individual lives and in the larger aspect of the world, is women showing up in their completely whole, authentic selves.” (26:08 )



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Unpacking Emotions & Body Liberation w/ Jess Demasi

Unpacking Emotions & Body Liberation w/ Jess Demasi

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