DiscoverGirlboss RadioUnpacking #Girlboss Feminism with Hari Nef
Unpacking #Girlboss Feminism with Hari Nef

Unpacking #Girlboss Feminism with Hari Nef

Update: 2021-05-11


Yup, we’re going there. In this episode, Puno chats with Hari Nef, an actress, model, and writer who isn’t a huge fan of the term “girl boss.”

Puno and Hari discuss the rise of #Girlboss feminism in the wake of Trumpism and the Women’s March back in 2017, and whether or not that ideology is still relevant today.

Hari Nef was the the first openly transgender woman signed to IMG Models, starred in the Emmy-winning television series Transparent, and is currently working on writing her own television series, which you’ll hear all about in this episode! 

Tune in for a spicy episode: in the words of Hari, “I actually took a poll on my finsta, ‘should I go on the Girilboss podcast?’ And the two options were ‘go on and be spicy’ or ‘die cool.’ And most people voted to go on and be spicy, so I'm here and I'm going to be spicy.”

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Unpacking #Girlboss Feminism with Hari Nef

Unpacking #Girlboss Feminism with Hari Nef

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