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Up your Influence with Josh Elledge

Up your Influence with Josh Elledge

Update: 2020-10-17


MPF Discussion with Josh Elledge

Up your Influence with Josh Elledge

Josh is the founder of, he has seen it evolve into a purpose-driven platform bent on totally democratizing access to influence. they turn entrepreneurs into influencers, thought leaders, and authority experts so they can achieve more sales, revenue, and opportunity. provides step-by-step done-with-you tools, online coaching, and PR hacks for entrepreneurs to dramatically increase their sales by attracting their perfect audiences--all at a fraction of the cost of traditional PR services. Unlike traditional PR companies, business owners aren’t obligated to purchase the whole overblown ball of PR wax, they can pick and choose the PR services that are most meaningful to their business to get the most impact from their budget.

Josh is also a serial entrepreneur who builds the companies that he needs most in the world. Years ago, he addressed his family’s spiraling grocery costs by transforming himself into America’s coupon-crusading “Savings Angel.”

Using his PR experience as a U.S. Navy journalist, Josh became an influencer with his digital consumer advocacy and lifestyle brand which has grossed more than $6 million in sales. He spent less than $500 in advertising--literally less than he spent on the toner for his office printer!

Having side-stepped a potentially ruinous PR budget for his own start-up company, Josh wondered if he couldn’t pass on his PR magic tricks to other new business owners and entrepreneurs and help them keep costs down while becoming an influencer. He came to believe that he has a moral imperative to help entrepreneurs serve the world with their collective messages while growing their revenue!

On this episode of My Perfect Failure (Up your Influence) Josh charts his fascinating journey to success from his career in the US Navy as a Navy journalist, to his long career as an entrepreneur and the many lessons he has learnt over the years,  Josh discusses amongst many things the importance of serving your audience to help them up their influence and brand and how to pivot your business during difficult times such as COVID.  Some of the areas we discuss.

·         When you have a Platform, you have an obligation to serve your audience

·         Grossing over $6 million in sales  revenue while only spending $500 on adverting

·         Josh turning his 7th business into a 7 figure per year business 

·         How to up your influence with your audience

·         Pivoting your business during COVID

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Up your Influence with Josh Elledge

Up your Influence with Josh Elledge

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