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Uplevel Your Business with Collaboration Strategies

Uplevel Your Business with Collaboration Strategies

Update: 2023-09-10


About The Guest:
Meg Burrage is the founder of Collaboration Station, a platform that helps entrepreneurs grow their businesses through collaboration strategies. She is an expert in Kajabi and has a passion for helping others succeed in the online business world.

In this episode of "Marketing Like a Mother," host Michelle Pontvert interviews Meg Burrage, the founder of Collaboration Station. They discuss the power of collaboration in growing a business and share insights on how to effectively collaborate with others. Meg shares her personal journey of starting her online business and how she found her passion for helping others through collaboration strategies. She also provides valuable tips on finding the right collaboration partners and setting clear expectations for successful collaborations.

Key Takeaways:
Collaboration strategies, such as bundles and virtual summits, are effective ways to grow your email list and reach a wider audience.
When collaborating with others, it is important to find partners who align with your objectives and have proven experience in their field.
Clearly communicate your expectations and desired outcomes to ensure a successful collaboration.
Trust your instincts and be selective when choosing collaboration partners to avoid potential red flags.
00:02 Introduction to the podcast and guest, Meg Burrage
01:12 Meg's online business journey and transition to collaboration strategies
02:45 Meg's unexpected move to the Netherlands
05:41 How Meg has been able to manage her business while moving and having a family
08:40 The importance of starting with services before creating online courses
10:59 Different types of collaborations, such as bundles and summits
15:29 The benefits of collaborating with others and finding the right partners
19:35 Entry points for collaboration, even with time zone constraints
22:40 Tips for finding good collaboration partners and avoiding red flags
29:00 The importance of setting clear expectations in collaborations
32:14 Balancing work and family life, including the use of childcare
35:07 Meg's plans to delegate tasks and hire a virtual assistant
37:35 How to connect with Meg and join the Collaboration Station community

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Uplevel Your Business with Collaboration Strategies

Uplevel Your Business with Collaboration Strategies

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