DiscoverListen To Your Body PodcastUsing Body Language To Understand Yourself and Others Better w/ Tiff Lee
Using Body Language To Understand Yourself and Others Better w/ Tiff Lee

Using Body Language To Understand Yourself and Others Better w/ Tiff Lee

Update: 2020-10-27


Did you know there are over 5000 body language moves, all of which tell a story about the person expressing the movement and the person interpreting it? By understanding how to read and use body language effectively, you can understand yourself better, build your confidence, and decode others' body language.

Key Takeaways

If You Want To Use Body Language To Show Up More Confidently, You Should:

  1. Take the time to set yourself up ‘inside the frame’ and enter any room with your head held high
  2. Always keep your hands visible and look out for signs of ‘tells’ from other peoples hands
  3. Stay away from a dark color palette and instead wear colors from the sunset such as light blue
  4. Believe in your confidence to send out subconscious confidence signals to you and those around you

Connecting To Your Body Through Body Language

Tiff Lee is dedicated to helping women be seen and heard in all areas of life with the life-changing information that is body language decoding. Once you hear what Tiff has to say about body language cues, how to use body language to improve your relationships or seek out when someone is lying, and ways that you can use body language to improve your confidence, you are never going to forget it.

What Can Body Language Do for You?

How you present yourself through your physical body language can drastically change how you show up in the world. Body language can help you step into your confidence (even if you aren’t actually feeling that cool) and provide a way for you to connect back into your body and what you are doing. Instead of being quiet and passive, proper body language and expression can help you command the attention you deserve with ease.

Decoding Others Through Body Language

Understanding body language can not only give you the awareness to appear more confident; it can also help you pick up on other people's cues. While most people think about body language decoding as something out of a CSI episode, it is really just a simple tactic to help you sense when something might not be quite right. 

Small movements such as a shoulder shrug, hiding your hands, or an anxious ‘pacifier’ are all signs that you should tune into what someone else's body is trying to tell you. Body language's power lies in your ability to be aware of the body cues that make a person look anxious so that you can stop yourself from involuntarily showing up that way too.

Have you ever considered that your subconscious body language is hindering or helping your ability to show up as your true authentic self? How do you relate to body language and body connectivity? Share which piece of Tiff’s advice you are going to implement into your daily routine with me in the comments section of the episode page.


In This Episode

  • Simple, proactive ways to change the way you are seen and heard in all areas of life (12:46 )
  • The most common giveaways to look out for to determine someone’s truthfulness or lack of truthfulness (17:13 )
  • How to use your body language to increase your own confidence and decrease your self-doubt (22:16 )
  • Specific hand gestures that make you look less confident and how to avoid making them (27:20 )
  • Tips to show up at your next Zoom meeting in a more confident and secured way (29:39 )



“We miss out on these things because we are so busy listening that we don’t see what is going on physically.” (8:50 )

“These movements should be congruent with what you are saying verbally. So anytime the verbal doesn’t match the nonverbal, that is kind of your cue that something else may be going on.” (18:40 )

“It is really hard to try to verbally tell the truth and then have your body language match that. Because our brains don’t like to do both, they can only do one or the other.” (19:45 )

“When you are not feeling that confident, try to do those things. Because those small movements will register on a subconscious level to other people, and then, believe it or not, it’ll register for you too!” (26:10 )

“When people think of body language, the first thing they tend to think about is the lies, and the negativity, and the criminal shows, and all of that. And while it is extremely valid in those areas, it's also so important in our everyday lives.” (35:56 )



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Using Body Language To Understand Yourself and Others Better w/ Tiff Lee

Using Body Language To Understand Yourself and Others Better w/ Tiff Lee

Steph Gaudreau