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Using TXA in Hip Fracture Surgery

Using TXA in Hip Fracture Surgery

Update: 2021-11-11


Dr Seth Tarrant, an orthopaedic surgeon for the John Hunter Trauma Service, provides an overview of the evidence for the use of tranexamic acid acid in hip fracture surgery. This is followed by a Q&A with orthopaedic surgeon Dr Catherine McDougall.

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Highlighted studies:
1. Palija, S., Bijeljac, S., Manojlovic, S., Jovicic, Z., Jovanovic, M., Cvijic, P., & Dragicevic-Cvjetkovic, D. (2021). Effectiveness of different doses and routes of administration of tranexamic acid for total hip replacement. International orthopaedics, 45(4), 865-870.

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Using TXA in Hip Fracture Surgery

Using TXA in Hip Fracture Surgery