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VOID MATTER Stamp Out The Fires

VOID MATTER Stamp Out The Fires

Update: 2022-05-12


Interview by CJ Nash from Local Band Smokeout
New Zealand experimental metal outfit Kaosis are crossing the waters back to Australia this June for a series of showcase events alongside some of this countries best and most promising acts.
One of these shows is Gold Coast Carnage Fest, to be held at Mo’s Desert Clubhouse in Burleigh Heads on Friday, June 3.
Kaosis will be bringing a swag of new material and a revamped line-up that promises to raise the bar even higher from their debut Australian tour before the world turned to dust.
Joining them for Carnage Fest will be Melbourne metal titans Frankenbok, as well as local Queensland outfits Void Matter, Ocean Shores and Gold Coast legends Azreal.
Each week leading up to the event, HEAVY will present an interview with one of the bands as well as a short video Q & A to introduce you to the bands performing, as well as give you an insight into what to expect from one of the most exciting shows to hit the Gold Coast this year.
This week we speak with Void Matter.
With their latest single Wildfire out now and a number of promotional shows under their belt, CJ starts by asking how the response has been to the new track.
"We've been really stoked with how everything has been playing out,” Thompson enthused. “We've been getting lots of great feedback and its performing pretty well."
"Over 13,000 views on Youtube is pretty overwhelming,” Stowe added. “That’s definitely our biggest views by far, so we're doing something right (laughs)."
Void Matter have taken their music as far North as Cairns on the promotional trail, with both boys smiling when asked how the tour is going.
"The tour has been great,” Thompson nodded, “and the shows have been awesome. Going up to Cairns and selling out a venue we've never played before, that was pretty awesome."
In the full interview CJ dives deeper into touring life, focusing on Gold Coast Carnage Fest, and finds out more about what the Void Matter boys have in store for us in the near future.

Tickets for Carnage Fest are available now from for just $10 pre-sale or $15 on the door.








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VOID MATTER Stamp Out The Fires

VOID MATTER Stamp Out The Fires

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