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VOODOO BLOO Get Under Your Skin

VOODOO BLOO Get Under Your Skin

Update: 2021-12-03


Despite their relative youth, New Zealand rock outfit Voodoo Bloo are showing maturity beyond their years with the release of their latest single Skin.
Following on from the bands impressive debut album Jacobus, which had more of a punk rock vibe, Skin is taken from Voodoo Bloo’s yet to be released sophomore effort and proves that there is much growth yet to come from this exciting young outfit.
Three of the members – Rory, Jackson and Ollie – sat down with HEAVY to discuss the new music.
"I guess with a lot of material that comes from Voodoo Bloo I write the guitar and do the vocals at the same time”, offered Rory. “It's almost a singer/songwriter type thing. Obviously, a lot changes when we bring it in to the band. Jackson made quite a lot of changes to the song as we went on, but I guess the main inspiration musically was Gorillaz or Radiohead sort of groove that was supposed to be going on and focusing more on the rhythm than too much of the melody."
"I guess the drum and bass groove is very Radiohead”, Jackson agreed, “and from there we made it heavier and leaning more towards our style with less of a meandering structure and more of a straight to the point thing."
In the full interview the boys talk more about Skin and the meaning behind it, their change of direction musically and why, future music including next years album, surviving lockdown and more.








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VOODOO BLOO Get Under Your Skin

VOODOO BLOO Get Under Your Skin

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