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Vacation's All We Ever Wanted

Vacation's All We Ever Wanted

Update: 2021-08-13


Couldn’t we all use a vacation?

This week the ladies of Cabaret and Cocktails describe our dream vacations, with and without the kiddos.

  • What adventures are we craving?

  • Should we go somewhere together?

  • What IS the proper temperature for a pet chicken?

We explore all this and more in Episode 009: Vacation’s All We Ever Wanted.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Our drinks, of course!

  • Bourbon brainstorms new professions

  • Flavored gins


  • Hawaii is not all vacations

  • Vegas, baby!

  • Debating tax write-offs

  • Showgirl Goodwill shopping

  • Pole Classes from Suwasit

  • Kahului airport madness

  • Burlesque Moms on a boat…well, maybe not

  • Salty Showgirls

  • Lily dreams of Prague

  • Is Lily getting engaged?

  • Underground Burlesque

  • Eastern Europe craziness

  • New Zealand bus travel

  • Mainland road trips

  • Weird sightseeing on Route 66

  • Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure

  • Movie-themed road trip

  • Scottish Highland road trip reveries

  • Peeping the leaves in New England

  • Everything is bigger in Texas

  • Bourbon fantasizes about the Trans Siberian Railway

  • Sketchy train rides across Europe and Asia

  • Paul Theroux makes Bourbon want to travel by train

  • Do not take an overnight train in Egypt without a sleeper car

  • Bourbon takes sketchy trainwreck train rides

  • Miss F-Bomb’s least favorite city

  • Maui’s Sugar Cane Train

  • Lily’s Disneyland tip

  • Build-A-Bear is actually Lily’s Hell

  • Getting alcohol in Disneyland

  • Sadie hates on parents at Disney

  • Bourbon and Sadie plan to get drunk at the pool while Mickey Mouse watches the kids

  • F-Bomb’s plan to drug her husband

  • Scott: Ski Patrol and Lily’s snow vacation

  • Colorado dispensaries

  • Bourbon unplugs on a dude ranch

  • Miss F-Bomb and puppy road trips

  • What’s the proper temperature for chickens?

  • Surfing chickens

  • Chickens on Maui TM

  • One of Miss F-Bomb’s biggest regrets in life

  • New Orleans has it all—the food, the booze, the wigs!

  • Corporate events with Cabaret & Cocktails

  • Bourbon bums us out with her lackluster vacation plans

  • Miss F-Bomb heads to Cancun and Belize

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Vacation's All We Ever Wanted

Vacation's All We Ever Wanted

Cabaret & Cocktails