DiscoverThe People Impact PodcastValuing Invisible Work, with guest Marieke Mooijen
Valuing Invisible Work, with guest Marieke Mooijen

Valuing Invisible Work, with guest Marieke Mooijen

Update: 2021-06-18


10.9 trillion dollars’ worth of work in this world is invisible. That invisibility has real life financial and psychological consequences. What’s the deal here?
Marieke Mooijen coaches people on leading themselves and making women more aware of what they have to pull off every day. She’s our guest in this new episode on economically invisible work.
Economically invisible work includes work around raising children, informal care work, managing a household. In some parts of the world includes things as essential as building a fire and getting the water to get the day started. It’s both cognitive and emotional labour, the combination of which makes you the Worrier in Chief and brings a significant mental load.
So much work that is done in the private sphere is not recognised as work. The consequences of this fall unequally, mostly on women.  What we’ve seen happen in the pandemic is that the invisible workload increased. Women were expected to take the lion’s share of it. Couldn’t combine it anymore with their paid workload. Lost their jobs most frequently.
We need a reframe.
This work is real. The skills are real.
Anticipation, planning, executing, evaluating. From managing stakeholders to manual labour.
Invisible workers: put your economically invisible work on your cv and on your LinkedIn profile. Don’t leave out a huge part of your life and skills. Marieke founded a LinkedIn company page for you, Economically Invisible Work International, that you can list as your employer right here on your profile.
Recruiters: recognise and ask about people’s transferable skills.
Couples and families: talk about this invisible work. Make it visible to make it valuable. Be proud of your experience, skills and accomplishments. Start the conversation. Make an inventory. Divide the work more equally.
It’s the work that enables real life.

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Valuing Invisible Work, with guest Marieke Mooijen

Valuing Invisible Work, with guest Marieke Mooijen

Lisa Dempsey & Marjolijn Vlug