DiscoverOur Hen HouseVegan Activist Alliance w/ Eloísa Trinidad
Vegan Activist Alliance w/ Eloísa Trinidad

Vegan Activist Alliance w/ Eloísa Trinidad

Update: 2022-03-05


According to powerhouse activist and community organizer Eloísa Trinidad, an anti-colonial framework is fundamental to how she approaches activism. Eloísa, who serves as Executive Director  of both the Vegan Activist Alliance and the food justice organization Chilis on Wheels New York, is a total liberation activist. She is unapologetically adamant that species does not define personhood and emphasizes the importance of the language we use in our narratives as activists. In our conversation, we also dive into Eloísa’s work with Chilis on Wheels, where she helps provide plant-based groceries to students and families experiencing food poverty in New York. She also tells us about the Overthrow Vegan Community Fridge, New York City’s first plant-based community fridge, which Eloísa helped launch last year, alongside fellow activists. Plus, she shares why she believes true change always stems from genuine connection. 

Eloísa Trinidad is a total liberation activist who approaches liberation praxis and veganism with an anti-colonial framework to raise awareness of how Western colonization has affected and continues to affect the plight of human and beyond-human persons (animals), and how it has changed the food system and our relationship with each other and to the natural world. Through her role as Executive Director at Chilis on Wheels New York, Eloísa focuses on making veganism accessible to communities in need. She is also co-founder and Executive Director at Vegan Activist Alliance, a systems change focused, community-driven anti-speciesist organization. Eloísa sits on the Board of Directors at Plant Powered Metro NY, is NY Chapter President at Hip Hop is Green, and is on the following Advisory Boards:  Center For Science in the Public Interest,  Agriculture Fairness Alliance, The Vegan Museum.

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Vegan Activist Alliance w/ Eloísa Trinidad

Vegan Activist Alliance w/ Eloísa Trinidad

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