Victim Number One | 2

Victim Number One | 2

Update: 2019-06-11142


Episode 2: Police start to suspect there is a new serial rapist at large. They trace the attacks back to a small, one-story yellow house in Rancho Cordova.

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Comments (15)

Pam Roberson Livingston

This was so the 70’s. Rape victims had no voice or anyone to talk to. Horrible police work for victims also.

Nov 19th
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20:48 part of the story is cut out?

Jul 4th

Vic Underwood

Really? That's funny? You tell a rape victim a lame joke about her name and her first and the town's first rape. They handle her and the case so horrible. No empathy for Phyllis shown anywhere.

Jul 1st
Reply (2)

Tara Lacey

Creepy, the voice on the phone recording sounds like a young kid

Jun 26th
Reply (2)

Tamara Haller

Odd jump from phone call to Deputy takes here to hospital. Disappointed in Wondery this is a gripping story & yet so monotone delivery.

Jun 24th
Reply (1)

Boris Yoffe

damn, dats scary!

Jun 19th

Amanda Williams

I usually like Wondery podcast but I must confess despite the subject matter being interesting the podcast didn't keep my attention because of frequency of commercials.

Jun 13th
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Victim Number One | 2

Victim Number One | 2