DiscoverVigilVigil Part 0.5: Trailer
Vigil Part 0.5: Trailer

Vigil Part 0.5: Trailer

Update: 2022-07-02


Vigil Part 0.5: Trailer

Meet Maria Kennedy, reporter with Hero Trackers Media, and learn about the newest investigative series from HeroTrac Media.

Vigil is a superhero, audio fiction thriller in ten parts from Adam Qutaishat (Button Podcasts) and All In Productions.

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Episode Transcript (May Contain Spoilers):

MARIA: Hello, Maria Kennedy from Hero Trackers here to tell you about a special report we’ve been working on at HeroTrac Media. With the help of my producer Shana, we’re going to reveal the life story of a mysterious hero that, as far as we can tell, has never been covered by a media outlet before. Subscribe to this podcast feed to learn more about this hero and the strange circumstances surrounding their life and career, and how they might be connected to your favorite heroes. Coming soon from HeroTrac Media: Vigil.

VOICE OVER: Vigil, Season 1. An audio fiction superhero thriller in 10 parts from All In Productions. Featuring Hayley San Fillippo as Maria Kennedy and Adam Qutaishat as Vigil. Subscribe or follow to make sure you’re the first to know about Vigil.

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Vigil Part 0.5: Trailer

Vigil Part 0.5: Trailer

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