DiscoverVigilVigil Part 1: Lush Part 1
Vigil Part 1: Lush Part 1

Vigil Part 1: Lush Part 1

Update: 2022-08-05


Vigil Part 1: Lush Part 1

Maria Kennedy begins her investigation of the previously unknown support hero Vigil with his very first recorded case. Vigil attempts to stop a super-criminal plaguing The Safeguard but doesn't get the support he was expecting.

Content Warning: This episode contains depictions of violence, alcoholism, surveillance, alcohol consumption, physical restraint, and forcing someone to become inebriated against their will, as well as mentions of death, murder, theft, crime, assassination, and alcohol poisoning. There are some sudden, loud noises. It also contains strong language and themes that may not be suitable for all audiences. Listener discretion is advised. 

The Transcript for Part 1 of Vigil is too large to fit in our show notes, but you can find it here: Episode Transcript (May Contain Spoilers)

Vigil is a superhero, audio fiction thriller in ten parts from Adam Qutaishat (Button Podcasts) and All In Productions.

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Vigil Part 1: Lush Part 1

Vigil Part 1: Lush Part 1

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