Vikings Territory Breakdown

Vikings Territory Breakdown

Update: 2022-07-15


Mark Craig, NFL Insider and longtime Vikings writer for the Star Tribune newspaper and is also a HOF elector and has a vote on whether or not Marshall should finally get the call. Craig will be with us on the Vikings Territory Breakdown podcast to discuss the  election process for HOF inductees and perhaps give us an inkling on how difficult it is to make it from the Senior Division. While Craig is sworn to secrecy about much of the process, he has been there before and knows plenty about what Marshall is up against.

Craig and I will discuss Marshall and even Vikings’ former star running back Chuck Foreman, who deserves consideration for the Hall, as well. Don’t miss Craig’s thoughts on that.

In addition, the current Vikings are closing in on the 2022 Training Camp when things start to get real. And with a new head coach and general manager on board the biggest questions for the new regime is are they ready? There are some potential free agents still out there, some who have been linked to the Vikings (Ndamukong Suh, for one), so we’ll take a look at if any of these rumors are more than just social media click bait.

Finally, check into the VT Breakdown podcast for another round of Random Questions with Craig about the Vikings. Craig has been around a while (although he never misses an opportunity to remind me he hasn’t been around as long as I have) and he may have some interesting responses. It’s getting down to the wire for the Purple and Jim Marshall. Tune in to check it out.

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Vikings Territory Breakdown

Vikings Territory Breakdown

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