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Violet Evergarden: Episode 02

Violet Evergarden: Episode 02

Update: 2021-06-29


Turns out that Sean actually really digs Violet Evergarden. Who would ever have guessed that he would like something that Lee enjoys? This is the point where Lee slides in on her stocking feet, points two thumbs at herself, and says, “This person!” And then Sean has egg on his face for ever doubting the eternal rightness of Lee.

Will he ever learn? Tune in tonight to find out!

In the meantime, Sean distracts Lee with talk about James Bond, and more to the point, the great Idris Elba. Talks of starting a religion based on our mutual love for the man abounds. And why would it not? Have you seen the man? If he’s not a perfect James Bond, then the perfect James Bond just doesn’t exist, and this is this hill that we’re more than willing to die on.

Idris—can we call you Idris?—if you’re reading this, and we’re sure you are, we’d love to have you on the show. We’ll stream Luther, we’ll all talk about that amazing show, and then we’ll hang out as new BFFs.

As they are wont to do, talk soon veers off into an impassioned discussion about our favorite foods. Marshmallow fluff, vegan cheese, and vegan meatball subs are on their minds. Did their desks become covered with drool? Did they destroy their keyboards due to their inability to keep their salivating to themselves? Let’s just say that some towels were needed to mop things up.

The distaste for Netflix’s proclivity for canceling our favorite shows gets things back on track. Sean lists off a great handful of amazing shows that should never have been canceled but were because Netflix hates good things. And probably puppies. Any corporation that has the gall to cancel San Clarita Diet surely hates puppies.

The pair wrap up the episode with a dive into the second episode of Violet Evergarden. Boy, is this one a doozy. All of them seem like they’ll be doozies, to be honest. With this episode, we’re introduced to many people who are sure to become important to Violet. There are some contentious relationships, to be sure, but we’re also getting to know very real, interesting characters. We’re only two episodes into this show and it’s already hitting us hard. I mean, damn…

(Recorded on May 06, 2021. Lee’s audio was pretty wonky here, so we had to rely on the Zoom audio. It turned out well enough, and rest assured that things will be back to normal next time.)

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Violet Evergarden: Episode 02

Violet Evergarden: Episode 02

Sean and Lee