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Violet Evergarden: Episode 07

Violet Evergarden: Episode 07

Update: 2021-08-03


Lee has apparently got some issues with her mic, and she’s solving those issues with her fists. Sean wonders what that’s all about, but he doesn’t interrogate the matter too deeply. He doesn’t want to find himself on the receiving end of those knuckle sandwiches.

The early topic the pair try to suss out is whether it’s necessary to start a new and unique audio experience in podcast form. Or perhaps they can just start yet another murder-themed podcast like all the other creepy monsters out there? [Quick editorialization: what the hell is up with all those podcasts? What makes thousands or maybe even millions of people want to hear about the gruesome ways their fellow human beings have met their untimely demise? How is that gruesome garbage palatable? Editorialization COMPLETE!]

Sean and Lee must be on a roll because they both finished their self-prescribed homework by watching the new Zack Snyder film, Army of the Dead. If you thought the first one was gory, thrilling, and one-dimensional, boy do we have a film for you!

To complete part two of their list of topics, they give a rundown of all the fabulous upcoming films they’re looking forward to seeing in theaters? Is it mostly superhero movies? Yeah, sure, but why not? Those are fun, and there’s just enough unique stuff tossed into the list to appease even the most cynical of hipsters out there. You’re welcome!

In what we streamed this week, Violet Evergarden takes on the heavy task of transcribing the latest story from playwright, Oscar Webster. The man has lost all that he’s held dear in his life. His wife and his daughter are gone and he has to find a way to soldier on and continue living his life. With the help of Violet, not only does he start writing a new and wonderful story, but he starts the long road toward being okay. The episode caps itself off with a dramatic, devastating revelation.

(Recorded on June 24, 2021. Quick note: it started raining in Lee’s part of the world toward the end of the recording, so her audio will sound a bit different toward the end. Damn you, clouds!)

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Violet Evergarden: Episode 07

Violet Evergarden: Episode 07

Sean and Lee