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Violet Evergarden: Episode 10

Violet Evergarden: Episode 10

Update: 2021-08-24


You can pretty much call Canada “The Land of Gravy” at this point, and it’ll no doubt stick. They love their gravy up there, don’t they? Canadian listeners, write in and express your love for the savory goo that makes life worth living. In the meantime, Sean’s probably going to make some poutine and Lee should really get on that train, too.

Sean has no experience with cheese curds (bless his heart) and Lee has the low-down on all the cheese curd knowledge. Apparently, they’re just squeaky cheese. Are those squeaks a sign of the cheese’s sentience and unwillingness to be eaten? The world may never know.

Sean prefers Double Stuf Oreos (why is it missing the second “f”?) and Lee has mixed feelings about Oreo Thins. Opinions this contentious can usually end up with a ruined friendship, but they make it through by the skin of their teeth.

Is this now a food podcast instead of a streaming podcast? Well… always has been.

In other news, Lee has fallen down a Dirty John rabbit hole. Sean’s beginning to wonder if she’ll ever be able to make it out of there in one piece. Okay, she assuredly will, but with a newfound appreciation for the true crime genre of things. Through the subject, the pair wax on about the public’s growing appreciation for this sort of media and what that all means.

In what was streamed this week, Violet is dispatched to a lovely mansion house in the beautiful countryside to help a terminally ill mother write a series of letters. While working there, Violet confuses, frustrates, and even delights the woman’s young daughter. She’s not been told of the severity of her mother’s illness and is confused and afraid of what seems to be coming for the person she loves the most. It’s an emotional and meaningful episode that strikes a chord deep in our dear Violet.

(Recorded on July 15, 2021)

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Violet Evergarden: Episode 10

Violet Evergarden: Episode 10

Sean and Lee