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Violet Evergarden: Episode 11

Violet Evergarden: Episode 11

Update: 2021-08-31


All right, all right, all right! Lee and Sean take a deep dive into the world of Matthew McConaughey. The question isn’t, “Why would you do that?” The real question is, “Why did it take them so long to finally get to the subject matter that everyone has been clamoring for all this time?”

The pair fall down a language rabbit hole. A stereotypical Italian rabbit hole. There doesn’t seem to be a way out, but dang it, they’re going to try their best. Worried about them? Fuhgeddaboutit! If they do get out, they’re surely going to fall down another rabbit hole—this next time will be about ‘90s fashion. Whattayagonnado?!

Turns out that Green Bay, Wisconsin isn’t really a big city and that is blowing Sean’s mind. It’s the place everyone talks about, right? That’s where all the football and cheese comes from, yeah? How many midwesterners are ticked off by this here paragraph? If this doesn’t do it for you, make sure to listen on to when Sean completely disrespects the fine naming heritage of Allouez. Also, the entire French language. He’s making a lot of enemies this week.

Lee has the best Spanish pick-up lines. This is news to Sean, but he is delighted by her linguistic prowess. Who out there says you don’t learn anything in high school language classes? In this episode, there is hard proof that that is a lie!

The two get back on the right track with more McConaughey. Stay tuned for their sure-to-be upcoming new podcast, “McConaugheeey Girl!” The only McConaughey appreciation podcast should listen to. The first topic: his autobiography and its peculiar title. (Seriously, what does it even mean?)

Lee wants to be a Michigander and Sean wants to be a Winsconsigoose. They both enjoy some good demonyms. You could be an Arkansawyer. A Californio. A Wolverine. Maybe even a Knickerbocker!

In what was streamed this week, Violet doesn’t want anyone else to die. Unfortunately, she comes to that realization, nay, that promise by helping a poor wounded soldier write out his final letters to the people he loves the most: his parents and Maria, the woman he loves. This show keeps giving us all some heavy moments. This was a tough episode, but still a meaningful one. Violet continues to grow and understand, through the lives of those she helps, what love truly means.

(Recorded on July 21, 2021)

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Violet Evergarden: Episode 11

Violet Evergarden: Episode 11

Sean and Lee