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Violet Evergarden: Episode 12

Violet Evergarden: Episode 12

Update: 2021-09-07


Sean and Lee WERE going to talk about candy. All sorts of candy, from the newest advances in candy technology to the old grandparent candy that we should all know and love. Bring on the Brach’s strawberry bonbons, please!

Halloween was never Sean’s favorite holiday. How could it be when Christmas is right around the corner? Candy’s nice, but presents are better, right? Lee has some great and simple Halloween costume ideas. And as always, watch out for sneaky poison in your seasonal candies.

Both Lee and Sean are watching and loving the second season of Ted Lasso. Sean just finished the second season of For All Mankind. Lee has watched nearly all of Lisey’s Story, and she’s insistent that everyone watch See. It’s safe to say that whatever Apple’s got on the menu, they’ll be enjoying it with much gusto. But what is one to watch after finishing a beloved show?

It doesn’t go unnoticed that Stephen King likes sticking his fingers in all the pies. He’s not content with just being a novelist. Nooo, he’s got to be a screenwriter, too. What’s next? An artisanal honey maker? We’d both like to live in that future.

In what was streamed this week, Violet… doesn’t do what she does best? She has ample opportunity to kill loads of people who are threatening her life and the lives of those she cares for, and yet she holds back. This is all much to the extreme frustration of our dear, annoying Diethard Bougainvillea. Has there ever been someone with more of a stick all up in them? He lost his brother, sure, but this spat he’s got going on with Violet needs to find a resolution. Turns out an anti-peace faction from Gardarik might just provide that answer.

(Recorded on July 29, 2021)

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Violet Evergarden: Episode 12

Violet Evergarden: Episode 12

Sean and Lee