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Violet Evergarden: Episode 13

Violet Evergarden: Episode 13

Update: 2021-09-14


The day has finally come. Sean and Lee are talking about Palm Springs and their drive-in movie-going experiences. Never thought it would happen, didn’t you? The Stream Dream Team will never let you down.

There was a tragedy out where Sean lives and now he’s thinking that he’ll be seeing The Suicide Squad at home instead of a movie theater. That’s a major bummer, but on the plus side, he can make his own popcorn and go to the bathroom without missing any of the movie he’s watching!

Speaking of popcorn, Sean appreciates his when it’s been genetically modified. Lee wants organic popcorn. They both want their popped kernels to be doused with a good amount of nutritional yeast. There’s no better treat.

The pair talk about how they would fare if they found themselves in a Groundhog Day/Palm Springs kind of situation. It’s a fascinating question. What would you do if you lived the same day over and over again? How would you live your life (or rather, lives)?

But also, screw that. There’s cheese talk to be had! Lee went on some cheese adventures and cleaned up! Everyone should be jealous of her.

In what was streamed this week, the day has finally come. Again! The grand conclusion of the main series of Violet Evergarden is here, and it’s been watched with gusto. The great and terrible war has been ceased. Peace is returning to the land (suck it, anti-peace factions!). Violet is finally understanding what love means to her. Usually, the end of an episode makes for a sad time, but much like what took place, we should all party! We all went on quite the ride. Luckily, there’s still some more Violet Evergarden to be had, but for now… Now is the time to be happy.

(Recorded on August 04, 2021)

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(That was the movie Lee was trying to recall. Now the mystery has been solved. Good on you, podcast show notes readers!)

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Violet Evergarden: Episode 13

Violet Evergarden: Episode 13

Sean and Lee