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Violet Evergarden: OVA Episode

Violet Evergarden: OVA Episode

Update: 2021-09-21


Lee and Sean didn’t get enough sleep last night, and they’re both starting to feel the terrible consequences of this occurrence. Surely, this will have far-reaching effects on the quality of this podcast, but not nearly in the way you’re thinking. Oh, mysterious…

Lee is probably into Korean War documentaries, but she’s definitely into Tattoo Redo. And who wouldn’t be? Also, there are some U.K. freemasons thrown into the mix. And why wouldn’t there be? Look, Lee is streaming at an extremely high level and that’s why she’s hosting this show. Her bona fides have been bona fide.

Sean watched a documentary about competitive endurance tickling, called Tickled. Yes, it’s as crazy as it sounds. Yes, there was intrigue, legal threats, and of course, tickling. Yes, Lee was horrified at the thought of this sort of thing existing. Who can blame her? Watch it… if you dare.

Lee went to see three whole movies at the theater recently and Sean is jealous. He’s happy for Lee, of course, but he’s also completely blind with envy. He can’t blame Lee, though. What, you’re going to not take advantage of $5 ticket days? What kind of monster would say no to that?

Lee needs to work more on slapping that thing. And by “that thing,” we mean the call bell on her desk. What did you think it was? Look, this is a respectable show that’s being put on here. Keep your naughty business out of this.

In what was streamed this week, we’re all going BACK! IN! TIME! This episode is an OVA, or original video animation, episode. In the case of Violet Evergarden, this one fits in between episodes four and five of the main narrative. Violet is tasked with helping an opera star write a love letter to someone who means a lot to her. Throughout the episode, Violet is shown learning more about what it means to be a talented Memory Doll. This episode is out of series, chronologically, but it’s still worth watching in whichever order you wish. More Violet is always good, right?

(Recorded on August 11, 2021)

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Violet Evergarden: OVA Episode

Violet Evergarden: OVA Episode

Sean and Lee