DiscoverLeaders Lead with Tony TaylorVision For Success: Find Your Joy Through Discovering Your Passion And Staying Motivated
Vision For Success: Find Your Joy Through Discovering Your Passion And Staying Motivated

Vision For Success: Find Your Joy Through Discovering Your Passion And Staying Motivated

Update: 2023-03-31


This episode is about vision and how it relates to entrepreneurs and leaders. It is for people who need an adjustment on their vision or who feel discouraged due to a lack of vision.

Tony Taylor explains that when he first started out, he was pitched new ideas all the time, but never actually listened to them because he knew he needed to have singular vision when it came to staring his business.

Vision is important when it comes to making decisions and staying on track scaling and growing a business. Leaders must be able to see the big picture, anticipate potential problems, and make sure that the team is all on the same page.

It is also important to have an open mind and be willing to adjust the vision as needed. Ultimately, having a strong vision can make all the difference in the success of a business.

Tony talks about his vision of inspiring and motivating others to not give up on their dreams. He explains that he knows this because he has given up on many things in his life, such as boxing, school, and many other endeavors.

He wants to help others not feel the same bad feelings he did when he quit, and to find their passion and joy. He encourages listeners to find their vision and not give up on it.



Heading: Vision and Direction for Entrepreneurs and Leaders


Topic: The Power of Vision and Self-Discovery


Motivating Others to Find Their Passion and Joy: A Conversation with Tony


Wow. So that person wants to give other people a sense of decency, a sense of support because they believe that everybody should have access to clean water, and food. And that's Tony's vision, Tony's mission, and everything else that comes after that, if done properly would truly align with not only who he is as a person at the moment, but who he's daring himself to be. Ask yourself why.. For me, I always loved, loved, loved on people. And I've always been passionate, sometimes more passionate about other people's lives than I was about my own life. I believed in other people, sometimes more than I believed in myself, and I just championed them, and that was my deal. But when I went on my journey of self-discovery and I started asking myself these questions, these why questions, that's exactly what I came up with, was, I love to serve people so that they can fulfill their life's mission so that they can fulfill their goals or the goal that they have in life.

The leaders that make a difference are the leaders that had a vision. A vision. Tony wants to ask you, and you could write this down if you're driving, don't write it down. Just remember to write it down. Write it down, scribe it in your mental, in your mind, but write down the thing that you envision, the thing that you want to come to fruition, the thing that you're willing to work hard for, the thing that you truly desire.

But unless you need some ideas or you don't have any ideas, then yeah, go and talk to the person with a million of them. They'll give you one idea and you'll be able to 1000 ideas. You'll be able to pick one and really hone in on that one. Tony is talking about vision. Vision is seeing the things that cannot be seen, seeing the things that aren't there. And that's what makes the difference between a leader in an organization, and a leader of some of these different countries.

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Vision For Success: Find Your Joy Through Discovering Your Passion And Staying Motivated

Vision For Success: Find Your Joy Through Discovering Your Passion And Staying Motivated

Tony Taylor