DiscoverWhite Coat Investor PodcastWCI #212: How to be a Coffeehouse Investor with Bill Schultheis
WCI #212: How to be a Coffeehouse Investor with Bill Schultheis

WCI #212: How to be a Coffeehouse Investor with Bill Schultheis

Update: 2021-05-27


In 1998, Bill Schultheis wrote a simple investment book for people who felt overwhelmed by the market. The Coffeehouse Investor inspires readers to follow a low stress way to financial security. Long before the White Coat Investor, Bill was preaching that when you simplify your investments, you end up getting better returns. This gives you more time for family, friends, and other pursuits. The Coffeehouse Investor philosophy is essentially getting your money taken care of so you can focus on living. In this interview we talk a lot about the importance of creating balance in your life and keeping money in a healthy perspective. We don't live to make money. Money is to pay for the life we want to live. If you are finding your life a little unbalanced right now, this episode will help get you straightened out. 

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WCI #212: How to be a Coffeehouse Investor with Bill Schultheis

WCI #212: How to be a Coffeehouse Investor with Bill Schultheis

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