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WCI #223: Understanding Cash Balance Plans

WCI #223: Understanding Cash Balance Plans

Update: 2021-08-12


A defined benefit cash balance plan is a somewhat unusual and surprisingly physician specific retirement account. It is a type of a defined benefit plan. On one end you have a defined contribution plan like a 401(k) and on the other a defined benefit plan or pension plan. A cash balance pension, a subtype of defined benefit plan lies as kind of a hybrid between the two. It still falls in the category as a defined benefit plan, but it's purpose is designed not so that you have an annual income distribution after you retire but that you take the lump sum. Confused? Don't worry, we have Victor Mangona, who has developed an expertise in these plans, as our guest this episode. We discuss who should consider a cash balance plan, how much money can be put into a plan, the tax savings from using this plan, how to invest these assets, what happens if there is a loss in the account, and most importantly how to get your practice to adopt a cash balance plan so you can take advantage of these great accounts.

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WCI #223: Understanding Cash Balance Plans

WCI #223: Understanding Cash Balance Plans

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