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WUW 213 | Matt Nelson

WUW 213 | Matt Nelson

Update: 2021-05-10


Matt is from Cedar Rapids, Iowa and was part of the 2014 recruiting class for the Iowa Hawkeyes. With his 6'8 frame and exceptional mental ability to understand the game and schemes, Matt found his way on to the field early in Iowa City as a redshirt freshman D-lineman. After 4 years of playing time in the Black and Gold Matt now finds himself as part of the Detroit Lions in the NFL, but on the opposite side of the ball. Making a transition that is rarely made from college to pro has left Matt with quite the story to tell about learning Offensive Tackle, adding more weight to his already large frame, a custom training plan to morph his athleticism and movement to that of the O-line, and a fight to make the 53 man team. We talk about all of that including, what it was like to be excelling off the field as well as he was passing the MCATs, pursuing medical school, getting married, and a whole lot more. We also hear what its like to love trading cards and now have one of himself, what room is more fun to be a part of between the lions O-line and the Hawks D-line, How he approaches the off season, and more! We hope you enjoy!
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WUW 213 | Matt Nelson

WUW 213 | Matt Nelson

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