Waiting in God's Promises: The #1 Way to Practice Patience

Waiting in God's Promises: The #1 Way to Practice Patience

Update: 2022-08-03


The #1 way to practice patience as you wait in God’s promises is to recognize this one thing: control. When we lack patience, we often feel like we lack control of the situation. And if we are honest with ourselves, we can see a lack of patience in many areas of our lives. When we dig a little deeper, we can recognize the fruit of our lack of patience might be control. So, how do we practice patience and recognize control? In this episode, I'm walking you through seven of God's promises for us and offering three practical ways for you to practice patience today.

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Waiting in God's Promises: The #1 Way to Practice Patience

Waiting in God's Promises: The #1 Way to Practice Patience

Jessica Hottle | Christian Life Coach, Spiritual Growth Mentor, Christian Mental Health Coach