Walking out Faith

Walking out Faith

Update: 2022-04-04


Hey friends it's Lori Young, your host of the Curated Souls Podcast.

Thank you for joining me today.   Today's going to be a little different you can probably tell just by my voice it's not heavy.  However, what we're going to talk about might feel a little heavy or a little different.

Today's episode is walking out your faith.  Friends this is my why, when I decided to start this podcast!  It is my whole heart inside of this podcast. It is years in the making, years of being in that dark room with my bible, and Jesus and the Holy Spirit. and working out who He says He IS.

So today, I thank you for joining me I hope that you will hit subscribe wherever you're listening and if you would leave a review that would help get this message out to others. So, I encourage you to subscribe and enjoy.  Grab a cup of tea- maybe hit pause grab some tea, grab a water, grab a coffee- shoot if you're listening to this at night grab a glass of wine and let's just talk.

What are you sitting on that God has whispered in your ear- given you a glimpse of a vision? Do you question if you are enough? Can we walk through some scriptures that have made me through prayer and trusting in the undoing of me in so many ways? I am hoping it will give you just a little hope. And can we talk about somethings that seem taboo but just maybe isn't? 

Thank you for listening in today. Be sure to subscribe for our future episodes. 

Let's be Friends. 
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Walking out Faith

Walking out Faith

Lori Young