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Wall Street embraces the ‘Forever CEO’

Wall Street embraces the ‘Forever CEO’

Update: 2021-09-27


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At least two Chinese cities are seizing presale revenues from indebted property developer Evergrande in order to block potential misuse of funds, and the SPAC bubble appears to be deflating as investors pull cash out of special purpose acquisition vehicles at increasingly higher rates; more than 150 US economists and researchers have weighed in on how women will be affected economically if US states add new restrictions on abortion access, polls in Germany closed last night with the two leading parties neck and neck, and the FT’s US banking editor Joshua Franklin discusses shrinking CEO tenure among US finance companies and the “Forever CEOs” who are bucking that trend. Join FT journalists on October 4 for a subscriber-only webinar on the outcome of Germany’s historic election and its implications for Germany, Europe and the rest of the world. Register free at

Chinese cities seize Evergrande presales to block potential misuse of funds

Soaring Spac redemptions signal their fall from favour

Lack of abortion access will set US women back, economists warn - with Claire Bushey

In era of quick-fire bosses, Wall Street embraces the ‘Forever CEO’ - with Joshua Franklin

German election likely to extend Merkel’s long goodbye

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Wall Street embraces the ‘Forever CEO’

Wall Street embraces the ‘Forever CEO’