DiscoverThe Reality Revolution PodcastWalter and Lao Russell - Our Story Of Awakening
Walter and Lao Russell - Our Story Of Awakening

Walter and Lao Russell - Our Story Of Awakening

Update: 2021-09-14


In one of the most amazing writings of the home study course offered by the brilliant masters of meta-physicists Walter and Lao Russell share the personal story of their own awakenings.  You may find inspiration and commonality with your own awakening experience.  Walter and Lao Russel were brilliant in everything they did including science, painting, sculpting and teaching.  In this course of study they wrote together they shared a powerful new message about the nature of light and the way we co create reality through a perfect system of thought and light.  If you have ready Walter Russells early writings he had a powerful experience in which he was in perfect communion with god and speaks of this even many times.  It was a miracle that these two people met and shared their stories.



"And now the time has come when I shall try to tell you of the greatest thing that can happen to any man in all the world, as it happened to me and as it also happened to Lao, which she will tell in her own words — the illumination into the God-Light of Cosmic Consciousness — the ultimate goal of all unfolding mankind — to come at the end of an aeons-long road which began in the dark of sensing alone and ends in the glory of the Light of all-knowing in God’s kingdom of the high heavens where Soul of man and God are ONE.


The first great inkling of the grandeur to come was in May of 1878, when I was seven. I had strange premonitions of it for months — perhaps even for a year — but the glory of it when it did happen was less mystifying and more understandable than the premonitions which always left me deeply wondering."


Walter  Russell



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Walter and Lao Russell - Our Story Of Awakening

Walter and Lao Russell - Our Story Of Awakening

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