DiscoverHam Radio Crash CourseWe Don't Want To Pay The FCC $35.00 Tax
We Don't Want To Pay The FCC $35.00 Tax

We Don't Want To Pay The FCC $35.00 Tax

Update: 2021-01-012


On this week's episode of Ham Radio Crash Course, a podcast loosely based on ham radio, hosted by Josh Nass, KI6NAZ and his no license wife, Leah, we talk about New Year’s Eve, the new FCC licensing fee and how much we oppose it. Warning: This is a much more relaxed, very off topic but somber episode. It’s the last podcast of the year or the first, depending on when you hear this. We wish you health, happiness and the best year you’ve ever had. 

Ham Radio Minute: Try out Parks On The Air (POTA) and Summits On The Air (SOTA) chasing.
Podcast Reviews: We found the reviews! Thank you for leaving reviews, we love reading them and are happy to know the lack of reviews wasn’t something we said, because we say a lot of things. 
Emails: We talk about ham radio helping out astronauts with socialization, the difference between Banh Khot and Banh Xeo (we told you it was off topic), and answer other emails. Here’s a great article linked by Nim about Ham Radio and Astronauts:
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Technician Crash Course: Leah learns about a tricky Technician test question, dives into repeaters, forgets everything she learned a second before and doesn’t do so well. 
Drinks: We’re ringing in the new year with a magnum of L’eclat de 1990 despite not knowing how to pronounce it. 
Show topic: The FCC implemented a $35 fee for ham radio and we’re mad about it. 

Thank you all for listening to the podcast.  We have alot of fun making it and the fact you listen and send us feedback means alot to us!  
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We Don't Want To Pay The FCC $35.00 Tax

We Don't Want To Pay The FCC $35.00 Tax

Josh Nass KI6NAZ