We Tried Asking Nicely

We Tried Asking Nicely

Update: 2020-06-02


The former prime minister of Australia was on a podcast talking about how the gender pay gap won’t be closed for decades at the current rate. She found this “frustrating.” I found it enraging. And it’s not new information. I know that every single measure of equality is moving at a glacial pace.

But it struck me as I listened to her that the problem is that we are attempting to make change without making waves. The current pace, the current rate of change is unacceptable – but anything faster or more aggressive will rock the boat. The waves will be too big to allow us to go along as we’ve always done. If there’s anything we’ve learned so far in the current pandemic moment it’s that going along as we’ve always done isn’t going to work anymore.

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This is Episode 203 

Song: Goodbye Earl by the Dixie Chicks

Other songs referenced: The Guillotine and 5 Million Ways to Kill a CEO by The Coup

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We Tried Asking Nicely

We Tried Asking Nicely

Songs for the StrugglingArtist