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Welcome To The Nation

Update: 2015-11-22


Here are the show notes:

San Jose – 9th Man Nation is proud to announce the premiere of The Nation Podcast. As the hosts, Tom Jones and Eric Thurow introduce themselves and have a conversation on their history of being involved with the Arena Football League, whether as a fan of our home team San Jose SaberCats or the AFL as a whole.

0:01 Mark – The start of a new podcast show that will have conversations on the Arena Football League through experiences by the commissioner, coaches, players, team employees, and especially the fans.

1:15 Mark – Podcast show co-host, Tom Jones introduces himself and explains how he found the Arena Football League and became a fan of the league, only to follow by becoming a season ticket holder to the expansion San Jose SaberCats.

5:02 Mark – Show creator and host, Eric Thurow introduces himself and explains his history of discovering the Arena Football League and the San Jose SaberCats.

7:28 Mark – Tom moves forward on how he chose his seats which would eventually lead to how Tom and myself met one another.

9:53 Mark – I go into a little more depth on how I became involved with the San Jose SaberCats and began running the fan club, San Jose’s 9th Man. But first, I established a general, unofficial fan web site just to begin the conversation and promote the team and its games.

13:30 Mark – I continue the conversation on how and why I officially launched 9th Man Nation and what the initial goal of 9th Man Nation was to what it actually has become. Then along with Tom discuss experiences on traveling to watch games in both Anaheim (L.A. KISS) and Portland (Portland Thunder). Along with being able to watch the team we cheered on, Tom and I had a great time meeting the fans from the home teams, respectively.

25:55 Mark – I begin to close out the first podcast by explaining the focus on what will be featured on future podcasts.








Welcome To The Nation

Welcome To The Nation

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