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Welcome to 20 Sided Stories

Welcome to 20 Sided Stories

Update: 2017-04-23


Imagine this:

Seasoned Actors and Improvisors gather around a table with microphones and play a role-playing game.
But NOT Dungeons & Dragons. No, they play they're own formats and systems, or ones where the rules are only there for the improv. Much like an improv game.
Now imagine these sessions with all their zany jokes and character quirks and ridiculous scenerios but imagine them, realized. Embelleshed, fleshed out, activated and brought to life so that you hear everything as it unfolded in the performer's heads.

Does this sound intriguing? Interesting? Tickling your fancy eh? DONT ANSWER.

Welcome to 20 Sided Stories, a podcast where actors and improvisors play table top role playing games and transform them into immersive radio plays and bring you along for the journey. 
Serialized. Sound designed. Scored and composed to with original music.
Each season is a new genre, with a new world, and new characters to meet. All woven together on the spot.

Its the comedy of an improv podcast but cohesive, commital, and long form.

Its the adventure of an actual play podcast, but you feel like you're there.

Its the polish of an Audio Drama but not even we know whats going to happen next.

20 Sided Stories.
An immersive podcast blend. Extra Pulp.

Embark now on Apple Podcasts or your app of choice.


Produced by Sage G.C., Greg Reasoner, Garrett Reasoner, and Zach Dailey

Artwork by Sage G.C. & Greg Reasoner

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Welcome to 20 Sided Stories

Welcome to 20 Sided Stories

Sage G.C.