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Welcome to Meridian | 6

Welcome to Meridian | 6

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Meridian Police Department rules Christian’s death a suicide after a mere 45 minute investigation. MPD holds everything close to the vest and Rae shares her experience of what working with MPD was really like. We also speak with attorney Cynthia Speetjans and private investigator Max Mayes who have worked closely on this case and hear their take on MPD’s involvement.

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"I can't talk to her because she's a minor." It's amazing how he can't go out and question a minor, that happens to be a white female. Yet the police have NO PROBLEM interrogating minor black and brown men and women into, most of the time, false confessions. Note, The Central Park Five, etc. There are more than enough conflicting stories and such to question her further. This is absolutely mind boggling and absurd. Christian and his family deserve justice!

Nov 3rd

Stephanie Homoky

so far, this is the hardest episode to listen to. I find myself yelling at my phone. so awful

Jan 12th


Oh my Lord, this is what happened to my brother! How can I get help? It's me against the good 'ol boys at Marion County Sheriff's Office in Salem, Oregon. It's a HUGE mountain to climb.

Jun 9th


Sad case and good ol boy crap but I can’t handle these accents. Dat instead of that

Dec 30th

Carolyn Hochlowski

The thing that baffles me the MOST is WHY the police rushed in the first place and more importantly WHY not reopen the case in the face of all the evidence... just admit you were wrong the first time and move it forward!!! There must be someone they are protecting!!! Hoping there’s more in later episodes on that. Like whose kid is Whitley and how are they connected to the cops, more or less? That’s the only explanation I can come up with...

Oct 8th
Reply (1)

Lady Woo

Wow. What a letter...

Sep 20th


Ray shows a herculean amount of restraint in dealing with the police giving her the runaround. I'm homicidal just listening to the correspondence between them. 🙄

Aug 4th
Reply (1)

Ivy Taylor

has a personal interest?????

Jul 31st


Heartbreaking words from Christians mom 😥

Jul 27th

Kristin Mcdaniel

I knew it I knew somebody had a personal interest

Jul 24th
Reply (1)

Apple Betty

I almost cried listening to Ray read her letter. The injustice here is astonishing and the investigators that have stalled this case are incredibly corrupt and inept. This is a miscarriage of justice. I keep hearing about shitty investigations and shitty police work in some podcasts I listen to and it makes me sick to think that these freaks are in law enforcement and the public is supposed to trust them. I really hope that this case is brought to justice and the family, the mom can have some sort of relief. She has handled herself so eloquently, whereas if it had been my son that this had happened to, I would have publicly lost my shit with all the lies and corruption, I definately would not be able to hold it together as she has with such class and grace.

Jul 16th
Reply (3)

Cindy Miller

This is absolutely RED NECK INVESTIGATING at it's worst. "I'm gonna look up a tutorial for Luminol on YouTube".... are you kidding?? It sounds like the MPD is trying to cover up their ineptness and they're willing to do it at any cost. I'm so glad we now have an open platform like the podcast industry to get the word out when things sound amiss. Remember to cast your votes during town elections. (btw... I lived about 2 hours from there so I'm not disrespecting red necks. I consider myself one as well. LOL)

Jul 15th
Reply (1)

Kellie Roush

ep. 6 quit working at 10.01 sec.

Jul 15th

Wrong sauce


Jul 15th

Steph Flynt

We are all standing FIRM with the ANDRACHIO FAMILY. LAUDERDALE COUNTY CORRUPTION IS COMING TO LIGHT!! It is so bad we are all in Danger. It has hit my family the POWER AND GREED. WE CAN NOT LET THEM STAY IN OFFICE . WE ARE IN DANGER. Yes the have HURT MANY!!

Jul 15th
Reply (3)

Adam White

As a person who has grown up and lived in multiple Southern cities, none of this surprises me.

Jul 15th








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Welcome to Meridian | 6

Welcome to Meridian | 6

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