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Well Good Morning!

Well Good Morning!

Update: 2020-01-13


E67 - Hop on the 2020 sister train and follow our thoughts as we talk through Mouse’s suburban optimism and Weens’ city pessimism, while discussing traffic, Mr. Rogers, true crime, and the homeless. Our eyes were opened by Julianne’s interview with a Los Angeles Police Department officer, who had a lot of information and thoughtful perspectives on the homeless problem in LA and the day to day issues that the LAPD deals with. Then we have some parenting discussions about Mouse’s boys about male role models, teasing and gender jokes, internet safety, and sexual health. Fun fact: did you know Joelle was a sex educator in college and was on the news talking about HPV? Now, don’t be fooled by the heavy topics. This episode is laden with ridiculousness and funny stories. Look out for brisk red sweaters, bearded ice skaters, drunk tarot card readers, caped rollerskaters in g-strings, condom banana totems, and a guy named Rare. Come hang out with us and be part of the fam! Visit Patreon for bonus funny outtakes from this episode!

At A Glance:

0:00-1:49 Donate to homeless a/o trafficked youth

1:49-5:48 Catching up, LA, freeway, red sweaters

5:48-9:33 True crime, optimism, Dirty John

9:36-15:43 Skating stories

15:43-21:13 Fascinating people on the street

21:13-26:51 Trying to help homeless

27:12-38:33 Interview with LAPD about homeless

38:33-41:33 Weekend recap, Marc Maron, Black Crystal Wolf Kids

41:33-44:24 Raising boys, role models, internet safety

44:24-48:00 Sex education

Thanks to our podcast pals: Best Forevers, Fataliteas, Cult of Domesticity, Not A Safe Space, Quick and Dirty Romance, Her American Story, Couples Talking Couples, Feminists Without Mystique

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Well Good Morning!

Well Good Morning!

Julianne Eggold and Joelle Kohn