Wellness'ing So Hard

Wellness'ing So Hard

Update: 2019-12-31


The new year is often accompanied by self-judgment and ‘shoulds’ that make us feel horrible about ourselves. Instead of giving in to this global collective of exhaustion around wellness and the next diet trend, I invite you to embrace the new decade without the shame, blame and guilt cycle of societal standards.

Pushing Yourself To Wellness Harder Isn't Moving Your Health Ahead

You don’t have to get sucked into the crappy new year marketing of becoming a better you while making yourself miserable. Its time to stop feeling overwhelmed, confused or fed up with this pattern of expectations and energy focused around how you look instead of the intention you put into things. 

Pushing yourself to wellness harder is not actually moving your health ahead if it is causing stress, anxiety, and shame. It all comes down to autonomy and listening to your internal voice of motivation, and this episode is all about providing you with the skills and mindset to do that.

Are you ready to stop putting pressure on Jan 1 and do things your own way? Share your mindset going into the new year with us in the comments on the episode page


In This Episode

  • Addressing the overwhelm surrounding wellness and high sensitivity (10:30 )
  • How to make decisions and show up for yourself anywhere on the spectrum (13:40 )
  • Why stressing out over healthy choices or wellness is making you less healthy (17:50 )
  • Strategies for dealing with society’s ‘should’s’ and other things to watch out for (18:30 )
  • Things that you can do if you are feeling the pressure of wellness’ing harder (20:14 )



“We get into these comparisons where we see other people doing things or we get that Jan 1 or whatever the significant date in the year is and we think ‘okay I am going to get my ass into gear’, which again is fine if it doesn’t cause you to lose your fucking mind over it, and that’s what I see happening very often” (9:52 )

“I sense very strongly this collective overwhelm and stress and exhaustion about wellness and its a double-edged sword.” (12:34 )

“Please stop running your life and putting that pressure on yourself. If it brings you joy and you absolutely love, that’s great.” (15:18 )

“Food is not just macronutrients or calories to optimize. And I get that that can be helpful for some people at some times in their lives, however… stressing out about healthy changes or stressing out about wellness is doing the exact opposite of what you are trying to achieve, it is making you less well.” (18:07 )

“Its autonomy, choice, freedom to make decisions, that’s what it really comes down to. So are you freely choosing this or are you doing it because somebody told you its the right way to do things?” (21:30 )



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Wellness'ing So Hard

Wellness'ing So Hard

Steph Gaudreau