Wentz Wednesday: Week 9

Wentz Wednesday: Week 9

Update: 2020-11-05


On today's Locked On Eagles:

Carson Wentz is in the worst slump of his career......how do the Eagles fix him?

Should they give him the season to work it out? Should they ever consider benching him?

A look at the fine-line aggressive QBs have to walk that Wentz is struggling with

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Jamie Rhodes

another podcast of pure wentz love. the other QBs you mentioned who had slumps. let's look at that. andrew luck, after his slump he retired as he could never regain that form. cam newton, lost his job with the Panthers again becuase he could never regain that form. now with the Pat's hes struggling again. Peyton Manning, during his slump he still won games. wentz is losing games. Aaron rodgers, I dont even remember him having a slump like wentz 🤣 you said the last 4 years wentz has been great ? really ? his rookie year he ayed well at the start then played bad towards the end of that year. second year he was lights out until his injury. 3rd and 4th year he was bad. he only played well against the giants and the redskins last year. we lost to the saints by 60-3. wentz couldbt even score. wentz has two more games and if he looks bad its time to move on. Wentz hasnt shown anything apart from the one mvp year where he got injured. you guys and you wentz love is just pure insufferable and hard to listen too 🤦‍♂️

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Wentz Wednesday: Week 9

Wentz Wednesday: Week 9

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