What’s the Safest Way To Share Files?

What’s the Safest Way To Share Files?

Update: 2019-02-20


Are you concerned about the security of your shared business documents? You're not alone. From hackers to data breaches, the internet can seem like a scary place for small business owners who need to share confidential information on a daily basis. Still, while it is impossible to prevent every potential security threat, there are several steps that you as a business owner can take to ensure the protection of your shared files when communicating with your clients and vendors. In episode #146, Gene Marks and Elizabeth Larkin discuss how to safely upload your business files using the protection of a data sharing platform.

Executive Summary

1:19 —Today's Topic: What is the Safest Way to Share Files Online?

1:52 —When searching for a data sharing platform, business owners should first look into the ones that are already built into their web browser or office software, such as Google and Microsoft.

2:02 —Dropbox is also another easy-to-use option for sharing data. It can even be accessed from your mobile device.

4:05 —While it will require some time and dedication to master these platforms in the beginning, using them will ultimately become like second nature to you.

4:27 —Although there are no guarantees, you can rest assured that these file sharing platforms are fairly secure.

5:37 —As a small business owner, you need to accommodate your vendors and clients by using their preferred file sharing system.

6:30 — To further ensure the security of your data, you can upgrade your account so that your information will be encrypted.

8:02 —Gene encourages small business owners to embrace Twitter's efforts to purge bot accounts because this measure will ultimately will increase your business's credibility.


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Elizabeth: Welcome back to the Small Biz Ahead Podcast. I'm Elizabeth Larkin from The Hartford, and I'm here with Gene Marks from The Marks Group.

Gene: And this is Larry.

Elizabeth: Is Larry-

Gene: From The Hartford. Larry, the-

Elizabeth: ... the preferred stag.

Gene: Stag.

Elizabeth: Yes.

Gene: That's a deer? A buck? What's a stag?

Elizabeth: He's a male deer.

Gene: A male deer.

Elizabeth: It's either a stag or a buck, and yeah, we chose stag.

Gene: It's Larry.

Elizabeth: So, this week we have a really technical question, but it's something that a lot of business owners, I'm sure, have to deal with all the time-

Gene: Okay, what is it?

Elizabeth: ... and you're going to walk us through the steps as soon as we hear from our sponsor.

Gene: Oh, okay. Put me on the spot here. Good.

Elizabeth: We'll be right back.

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What’s the Safest Way To Share Files?

What’s the Safest Way To Share Files?

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