DiscoverInsights TomorrowWhat’s Governance Got to Do With It?
What’s Governance Got to Do With It?

What’s Governance Got to Do With It?

Update: 2023-04-05


Every data and analytics leader knows a simple but critical fact: your data is only as good as your governance. It’s essential to have data stewards and well-defined guidelines to keep your data clean, secure, organized, and compliant. But what does good governance look like in a world where data lives everywhere and is constantly changing? 


In this episode, you’ll learn:      


  • Why you don't have to design the perfect governance system  
  • How companies should address data fatigue 
  • Microsoft's transformation in their governance journey 


Some questions we ask:     


  • What is your definition of data governance?  
  • How do you envision the industry proceeding with governance as the culture shifts? 
  • Why do we need a governance strategy or implementation? 


Guest bio  


Erik Zwiefel, Chief Data and Analytics Officer for the Americas, and Cumarran Kaliyaperumal, Chief Data and AI Officer for APAC Sales, join Patrick LeBlanc on this week's episode of Insights Tomorrow. 


Erik has spent 18+ years in and around data, including data entry, cleansing, analyzing, and everything in between. He partners with different companies on their data maturity journeys and solves their business problems by applying analytics, machine learning, and data engineering. 


Cumarran and his team help transform enterprise clients into thriving, cloud-enabled, data-driven organizations. He partners with C-level and board members at various organizations to look at their data estates holistically and works with them to tackle business, technology, and organizational complexities. 



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What’s Governance Got to Do With It?

What’s Governance Got to Do With It?