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What’s it good for? Putin’s Ukraine calculus

What’s it good for? Putin’s Ukraine calculus

Update: 2022-01-256


More Russian troops piling in. Embassy staff pulling out. American forces on alert and sober diplomacy still on the docket. We examine Vladimir Putin's ways, means and motivations. The Omicron variant is making its mark in Mexico, a place that our correspondent says never really shut down. And considering the merits and the risks of work-related drinks. For full access to print, digital and audio editions of The Economist, subscribe here


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Owais Kalyar

The opinion that he is suppressing opposition in Russia is totally absurd, I have talked with Russian ppl, also read various articles, western media is just creating hype and I don't know why they are doing so, maybe they are militarizing Ukraine and Putin is retaliating, why does Europe is allowing Ukraine to join NATO despite promising the USSR to not allow the countries separated from the USSR to join NATO, Ukraine may choose but why did Europe refused to Putin when Russia showed inclination to join NATO, what if any NATO country would join Russia led alliance, what would be the response of the US and west. The way media is doing now has already done with the Muslims when the West portrayed Muslims as terrorists, after making and training them themselves against communism and to control over oil reserves, by creating such a hype and propaganda, invaded Iraq by flooding the fake news and statements, meddled Afghanistan, Syria, Pak, Iran, Czechoslovakia and many other places. What have they done there expect depriving ppl of living a peaceful life. I personally believe the US and west is creating hype and they are may be manipulating the situation. Putin has more support at its home than opposition. No country is 100% peaceful even the US, UK, Sweden and many others. Capitol Hill, London firing and many other incidents are manifestations.

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What’s it good for? Putin’s Ukraine calculus

What’s it good for? Putin’s Ukraine calculus