DiscoverA Date With DatelineWhat's Hupp with Pam? (Part 2) S.28 Ep.1
What's Hupp with Pam? (Part 2) S.28 Ep.1

What's Hupp with Pam? (Part 2) S.28 Ep.1

Update: 2019-10-101


Another week, another death and just in case you didn't get enough of her in Part 1, it's time for round 2 of Pam Hupp! Or you know, maybe it was two deaths. Actually almost three, technically. She's a busy gal, she can't spend all her time with bad impersonations and shopping at Kohl's! Keith is taking us through all the wreckage caused by caused by a leaky trash bag (Kimberly is really trying to make that phrase stick) of a person. Join us as we meet our new all-time MVP Carol, a woman who wants you to know that she's not an idiot just because she lives in a trailer park. So bottoms Hup! It's time for our very, very, very special conclusion to all the Pam-demonium. Or is it? WOAH!!! WHOA, WHOA, WHOA!!!

Official Description from NBCU: The unbelievable story of how the murder of Betsy Faria set off a chain of events leaving one man dead, another man implicated and a diabolical scheme exposed. Keith Morrison reports.

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What's Hupp with Pam? (Part 2) S.28 Ep.1

What's Hupp with Pam? (Part 2) S.28 Ep.1

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