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What's New in Font Awesome 6?

What's New in Font Awesome 6?

Update: 2023-03-13


Icon Designer Jory Raphael Discusses Design Highlights of Font Awesome 6 on Podcast Awesome


Host Matt Johnson and Font Awesome’s Co-founder Travis Chase chat with icon designer Jory Raphael about the highlights of Font Awesome 6, and what differentiates V6 from V5. As Jory explains, when he joined Font Awesome, they had the opportunity to refine the icon set holistically and set some rules to make it better than ever. 

Jory also discusses how moving to Figma helped refine the Sharp icon family and recounts his experience collaborating with the United Nations on Humanitarian Icons. Finally, Jory and Travis discuss their favorite icons from the 6.1 release. 




Exploring the Highlights of Font Awesome 6 with Senior Icon Designer Jory Rafael


Rebuilding Icons for Font Awesome 6


Exploring Different Icon Styles for Branding and Design Projects


Exploring Icon Design 


Introducing Noah Jacobus, Font Awesome's New Icon Designer


Jory and Travis Discuss Their Favorite Icons




"...Over the years, like, I have followed a lot of people who are fantastic artists and are sharing their icons. And Noah Jacobus is one of those icon designers who his work just constantly has made me jealous. He posts things that I wish I had designed and his skill and detail and creativity I find amazing. We actually got him to work a little bit on some contract work for us a little while ago as kind of sneakily, get him excited working with us at Font. Awesome. He finally popped the question and he is here working with us. And I'm so excited because I'm excited because he's a better icon designer than I am. And so that means that our stuff is just going to get better, and it also means that I can focus on some other things as well at Font awesome."

"... Part of the core of Font Awesome is to have fun with things. It makes it so much more interesting to include an icon like the Poo storm icon. That was a joke. I was designing a set of weather icons and a cloud icon has some very similar curves to an icon of Poop. And I was designing a cloud icon and it had a little lightning bolt. And so I just took the Poop icon and added a lightning bolt and it's resonated with a lot more people than I thought it would."

"One of my favorites [icons] is the coffee being just a big coffee nerd. Just love putting that everywhere. I love all some of the little references to nerd things that we like, like our business time icons or our Poo Storm dumpster fire icons. I think those are quite fun. And even recently we had complete breakdown and investigation into the mullet icon."

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What's New in Font Awesome 6?

What's New in Font Awesome 6?