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What's Up With Crystal Singing Bowls?

What's Up With Crystal Singing Bowls?

Update: 2018-03-14


For our third episode, I had the pleasure to sit with Adriana Cerundolo to chat about Crystal Singing Bowls. The first time I went to Adriana's healing Crystal Bowl Sessions, I knew there was something really special about her. She combines the signing bowls with percussion and she sings. The results is beautifully unique, truly powerful and absolutely transformative. 

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Though her own healing journey, Adriana found that sound, breath, and movement are the most direct vehicles for engaging the self and altering our experience. Following her passion for music, she earned her certificate in sound healing in 2010 from the Globe Institute, and uses her understanding of vibration as the platform for her work.

Most recently, Adriana discovered Kundalini Yoga as a powerful technology for tuning our sensory system and growing awareness. She has since completed her 200hr teacher training through the Kundalini Research Institute.

As a 7Directions dance ceremony facilitator, Adriana also guides participants in harvesting body wisdom through the medicine of movement. 

QUESTIONS WE ANSWERED on this episode:

How would you describe what you do? (2:30 )

Why did you choose crystal bowls rather than a Tibetan bowl? (5:25 )

How did you get into it? (9:23 )

How much of what you do is about performance vs healing? (11:19 )

Using energy to direct the sounds, do you consider yourself particularly sensitive? (13:38 )

Do you find it to be a meditative practice for you? (15:02 )

Do you have a ritual before using the bowls? (16:41 )

How does it work? What makes it healing? Why do it? (18:33 )

What can people expect as far of healing? (32:02 )

Do you think of sounds in a healthy/non-healthy parallel? (34:30 )

How is it different to receive and playing? (38:30 )

If you want to get your first crystal bowl, where do you start? How do you choose one? (43:02 )


Come and attend her Crystal Bowls Healing Session on April 7th! Reserve your spot here!

Adriana made a reference to a lecture she attended. It was given by : Jac O’Keefe and was called Trust and the Spiritual Path. Check the whole program here.

7Directions : Sacred and Ceremonial Dance Women's Circle

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What's Up With Crystal Singing Bowls?

What's Up With Crystal Singing Bowls?