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What's Working Now | Robin Robins & Bruce McCully

What's Working Now | Robin Robins & Bruce McCully

Update: 2022-08-25


MSP Success and Galactic Advisors share a breaking trend that's costing MSPs that you need to know...

How Insurance Companies Are Causing MSPs To Lose Big Clients And How To Stop It From Happening To You

Plus, you'll discover how to flip this trend and use it to turn leads into clients.

By now you’ve had at least one client hand you one of the new 20-page cyber insurance self-assessment questionnaires.

Bet you can’t guess what’s worse than all the liability the insurance companies are stacking on your shoulders with all these new requirements…I’ll tell you: Your client getting a note from their insurance company saying they have been dropped from their policy because their MSP didn’t [fill in the blank].

If you are waiting for the insurance company to educate your clients on their new requirements, you are missing a huge opportunity (and putting your biggest most profitable clients at risk).

You are probably thinking: "I’ll just wait until it is renewal time."

NOPE. The insurance companies are now scanning their clients’ networks looking for vulnerabilities. Your client isn’t asking for this. The insurance companies are just doing it. Sometimes insurance companies are doing this in the middle of their terms and reaching out to your clients saying, “Your network isn’t secure.”

Everyone is already on edge reading about MSPs spreading ransomware. Now a note from the insurance company saying your work isn’t up to par? This conversation does not end well for the MSP.

Which of your clients do you think this is going to happen to? Which ones have cyber security insurance? The most security-minded, risk-averse, financially mature, biggest, most profitable clients. That’s who.

Cyber insurance companies aren’t going to reach out to that cruddy little client you’ve been thinking about getting rid of for years. They are going to be talking to your and their biggest clients. The ones that you dread losing.

Join Bruce and Robin to hear about the new cyber insurance requirements, and how to turn them into a tremendous opportunity rather than a HUGE liability.

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What's Working Now | Robin Robins & Bruce McCully

What's Working Now | Robin Robins & Bruce McCully

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