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What Are The Best Resources for Researching Employee Benefits?

What Are The Best Resources for Researching Employee Benefits?

Update: 2019-07-31


Are you confused about which benefits you should be offering your employees? You're not alone. Given all the options to choose from these days, drawing up a benefits policy for your business can seem a tad overwhelming. Fortunately, you don't have to figure out everything by yourself. In episode #160, Gene Marks and Elizabeth Larkin provide

several resources that small business owners can consult when they are developing their employee benefits plan.

Executive Summary

7:09 —Today's Topic: Which Resources Will Give Me Information About Employee benefits?

7:49 —Small business owners can begin their research by using Google to find independent articles that focus on this subject.

8:26 —You can approach payroll companies to learn which benefits are in the most popular ones.

8:48 —The Society for Human Resources Management site not only features their own articles about employee benefits, but it also provides information about HR conferences and events where they discuss recent employee benefit trends.

10:09 —If you have ideas for drawing up your own original ideas for employee benefits, you can always reach out to HR consultants and professionals who have prior experience in these matters; you should also consider speaking to an HR attorney to make sure that you are legally protected when you draft these polices.

17:37 —Gene encourages people to utilize more traditional methods of communication when reaching out to small businesses because the average owner is typically in their late 50's or 60's.


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Elizabeth: Welcome back to the Small Biz Ahead podcast, this is Elizabeth Larkin from The Hartford, and I'm here with Gene Marks who is our small business expert, small business owner, small business-

Gene: CPA of small business.

Elizabeth: And Gene, I'm so happy to be back with you-

Gene: I know.

Elizabeth: Because you kicked me out of the podcast for the past several weeks.

Gene: Yeah, that's exactly right, well we just had clearly more important people to speak to, right Elizabeth. Like, you were actually ... just for all you guys who are listening, we had some conversations with some really great execs from The Hartford, and you were here Elizabeth, in the room-

Elizabeth: I was, I was sitting in the background making faces at you-

Gene: That's right.

Elizabeth: The whole time.

Gene: Right, and then panicking and signaling when we were getting ... when we were running over time.

Elizabeth: Yeah, you know what, it's so funny because I listen to a lot of podcasts and-

Gene: As do I.

Elizabeth: Some of them have like three or four hosts on them.

Gene: Yeah.

Elizabeth: But the ones that I like the best usually just have two voices on them, so I figured if we were going to have guests on, and if they were going to be on for the entire episode, it would just be easier if there was just two of you.

Gene: Couldn't agree any more. Yeah,
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What Are The Best Resources for Researching Employee Benefits?

What Are The Best Resources for Researching Employee Benefits?

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