DiscoverThe Witch Bitch Amateur HourWhat Color Are Our Auras? Pt. 1
What Color Are Our Auras? Pt. 1

What Color Are Our Auras? Pt. 1

Update: 2019-07-314


We are getting our chakras and auras photographed!
The witches are starting a new series! In addition to regular topics such as herbs, stones, oils, etc; Charlye and Macy want to be a source of info on experiences!
Skeptical about Tarot Readings?
Unconvinced about Reiki?
Leery on Natal Chart Reading?
We want to take the plunge FOR you, and report back! Hopefully we can be the last little push into whichever way you believe!

This week, we talk about what we think about aura photos, some self diagnosis of our chakras, and lots of chatting

Things we talked about this episode:
Pagan Pop Up. Vol. 2 - Where we will be recording a Live Ep. and have some wares for sale!

Hearth Wisdom Store

Dying singing bass fish vids

Metalhead camping

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What Color Are Our Auras? Pt. 1

What Color Are Our Auras? Pt. 1

Charlye Michelle, Macy Frazier